Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fashion Tyro: Millennial Pink

Ranging on a color spectrum from muted blush to vibrant bubble gum, "Millennial" pink has become the overarching wardrobe color staple of our generation. While the color pink is certainly nothing earth-shattering new in fashion from Fragonard's painting The Swing in 1767 to Funny Face's opening musical number dedicated to the fashionable color in 1957, Millennial pink has found a way to infiltrate the closets of both Millennial men and women today. What used to be a color that symbolized femininity and fueled gender stereotypes is now the unofficial emblem of the Millennial pro-gender neutral era. Millennial pink is now worn by both men and women to buck tradition and embrace a historically feminine color without compromising their strength, masculinity, and power. A quick scroll through your Instagram feed will also show you that the color has gone even more mainstream than fashion; it's everywhere. From chic restaurants like London's Sketch and New York's Pietro Nolita to Le Creuset cookware and even celebrities like millennial power couple Zigi, Millennial pink is equal parts ironic, trendy, and universal— and I'm a fan (even if pink was and always will be my favorite color). So cheers to Millennials, pink, and the perfect Millennial pink dress for a hot summer's day. 

OOTD: Dress: Kate Spade | Shoes: Saks | Shades: Kate Spade: Bag: Madewell 

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