Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Travel Tyro: Spring Break in Naples

As the familiar aquamarine ocean flickered outside my window seat, I drew a deep sigh of contentment. It had only been about 80 days since my last visit home, but after some frigid snow days and sleep-deprived study nights, I was ready to shed my midterm fatigue and bask in the familiar comforts of home— aka sun, salt, and sand. 

While I'm always keen for a new adventure, being home was just the laid back change of pace I needed as I start the inevitable rapid transition to post-grad life. Even though I now have a large sunburn that has finally faded from fire engine red to peony pink, a fresh dose of vitamin sea was truly some much needed soul soothing medicine. As I currently write this a mere four days post-spring break, snow pellets the outside of my bedroom window as yet another blizzard has uninvitingly showed up in Boston. 
How many days until summer?

ootd 1: shirt + shorts: j.crew 
ootd 2: dress: gap
featured places to go & things to do: naples pier | baker museum

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  1. These photos are FANTASTIC! I haven't been to Florida in ages but I'd really like to go back. It's just so chill there!


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