Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Travel Tyro: Hiking in Maine

As soon as the first whiff of spring weather swept through New England, my friends and I set out on a spontaneous hiking trip to Maine to shed some winter blues. Even though we shlepped through a snowy three mile trail better equipped for snowshoeing, the warmth of the sun on our faces and the smell of burgeoning trees in the air was just the refreshing dose of nature we had craved. The views from the top of Douglas Mountain made the fruits of our endeavor even more worth the earning as a picturesque winter landscape of snowcapped mountains laid before us; a scene that would probably have even inspired the likes of Robert Frost. 

With our spirits energized, but our stomachs now empty, we headed south to the city of Portland in search of lunch. It took us several tries to find a restaurant without an hour long wait, but the delay actually ended up working in our favor. After we finished, we decided to prolong our spontaneity and drove to a beach near Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse to watch the sunset over the ocean. Nature treated us to a wonderful show that evening as we watched the cool-toned sky ignite with golden hues as the fiery red sun slowly began to dip below the horizon.  

On another note, hiking in New England marks another check off my college bucket list… graduation is less than 90 days away! 

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