Thursday, February 16, 2017

Travel Tyro: Ice Castles of New Hampshire

Four years ago I started a bucket list dedicated to my college years and slowly but surely I've crossed off quite a few things and added more along the way. Some were as simple as running along the Charles River Esplanade while others were big dreams like interning in New York City. With less than 100 days until graduation, the pressure is definitely on to knock out a few more things on my list!

This winter, I finally visited the annual Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire, a Narnia-esque wonderland full of frozen man-made ice "castles" that weigh upwards of 25,000,000 pounds. Built and continuously maintained during the coldest winter months, the turquoise icicle-covered structures are truly a spectacular testament to the beauty of winter.

What: A winter wonderland of icicle structures castles
When: Winter— Typically January to Early March or whenever the weather becomes too warm
Even if you don't live in New England, they have locations in Wisconsin, Utah, and Canada!
Wear: I regret not wearing snow boots with good traction as I naively underestimated how slippery the ice would be.
Tyro Tip: While the walking under dagger-like icicles seems dangerous, read this explanation about the structures' safe framework. 

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