Thursday, February 23, 2017

Senior Snow Days

Every winter, college students across the Boston area fervently hope they will be gifted with the arrival of a snow day sometime during the spring semester. This year our wish blew through on a Thursday, giving many an extended weekend and free day to play. While most settled right into Netflix and chill, I decided to brave the arctic temperatures and spend my senior snow day venturing out into the city for what could be one of the last blizzards in Boston. Although piles of dirty ice still line the streets two weeks later, seeing the city in a winter whiteout always leaves me wonder-struck. This year, my Peruvian friend even turned the fun up a notch with an inflatable llama that became the biggest joke on east campus and one of those crazy college memories I'll probably be retelling well into my eighties (an even sweeter memory: she gifted it to one of the inquiring men shoveling our dorm's sidewalks whose autistic son happens to love llamas). To all those west coast college students, I see your Instagrams by the pool with your giant inflatable swans and seventy degree weather, but I raise you an inflatable llama on a snow day, any day!

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