Thursday, January 12, 2017

William Merritt Chase

Earlier this week, I made my final descent back north for my last semester of college. While I'm still coming to terms grips with the reality of that (honestly, how did I four years go by already?), I've been up to my ears in boxes, unpacking all of my stuff after living out of suitcases for the past few months abroad. I have to say, it's rather nice having more than four pairs of shoes to choose from when getting dressed in the morning! While my room still looks somewhat like a disaster zone, I opted to take a break the other day to peruse the William Merritt Chase exhibition at the MFA before it ends this month. I definitely can't say I regret my decision, even if I stayed up until midnight looking for my sheets (opps). 

To be completely honest, like many people, I had never even heard of Chase before the exhibit which is a tragedy in and of itself. Often overlooked by his contemporaries like John Singer Sargent and Mary Cassatt, Chase doesn't nearly get the credit he deserves given his versatility as an artist. From  portraits to landscapes, still life, genre, studio, and beyond, Chase's paintings capture all spectrums of everyday modern subjects. Yet, the true talent lies in his unique ability of combining experimental techniques with both past and the present influences (think Old Masters realism and contemporary Impressionism features). As you examine the 80 paintings throughout the exhibit, you will discover the work of an artist who was always evolving and absorbing the inspiration around him. 

The William Merritt Chase Exhibition is truly one of the best art exhibits I have seen and is on display at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston until January 16th. 

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