Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: A Year of Adventure

“There is a woman. Forever on a journey, she adventures through life, navigating its twists and turns with strength and grace. Not afraid to explore her past, she learns from every heartache, dreaming of the future and the chances it may hold. Searching for a retreat, in the loving warmth of family and friends or a voyage to paradise, she is always open to the unexpected, while staying true to who she has become.”

2016 has been an incredible adventure. Eight countries and 24 cities later, I feel grateful that my adventures led me to wander around new corners of the world and cross off many dreams on my bucket list. 
As I end the year on my last college break at home, I have been relishing the time to really reflect on the whirlwind of memories that sometimes got lost in sensory overload to fully appreciate in the moment. 

Living abroad in London was a particularly special highlight of the year and an entirely different adventure. For ten weeks, I was constantly in motion, immersing myself in many new cultures, people, places, and histories as I traveled in search of new experiences that would challenge and broaden my perspective on life. Along the way, I did discover many things of value; in Florence, I experienced the art of slow living that taught me to value more of the simple activities in our daily routines; in Paris, I learned from the French to value the art of dining, not simply eating a meal out with others; in Copenhagen, I began to value "hygge", which is not just the pursuit of coziness and comfort, but the mindfulness to delight in small pleasures to boost your well-being. Yet, with every new experience I also learned to value my own unique perspective and the past adventures that have shaped it along the way. 

Warmest wishes for a happy and adventure-filled new year!

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