Monday, September 12, 2016

Lavender Fields Forever

It is truth universally acknowledged… that I am a major juxtaposition for a city girl. I live and breathe city life, but I seek out nature (or really any greenery and seaside) any opportunity I get. It came as no surprise then to my friends at home that during my first week in London I took the tube, train, and bus to go frolic around an open field of lavender— and somehow convinced one of my other friends to come along as well.
But you  know what? It was blood brilliant.

Mayfield Lavender Fields outside of London in West Croydon is a must see if you're even a marginal nature-loving enthusiast. Only open from July to late August/early September depending on the weather, it's the perfect place to spend a warm summer's day. The smell permeating in the air is absolutely extraordinary. If anything, there's also homemade lavender ice cream, soaps, shortbread, and lemonade at the farm's stand which are worth the trek alone. 

ootd: dress: Banana Republic | sandals: Madewell

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