Monday, August 22, 2016

Travel Tyro: Coney Island

About an hour and a half subway ride away from Manhattan on the southwestern tip of Brooklyn lies Coney Island, New York's seaside amusement park. Although the site was at its prime during the 1880s to WWII (it was the largest amusement park in the US at the time), there has been an increased effort to revitalize Coney Island in recent years. My friend and I visited during a heat wave in NYC and while I'm not a huge amusement park enthusiast, it made for a fun summer afternoon. From the iconic ferris wheel to one of the world's oldest wooden roller coasters and rows of junk food vendors along the boardwalk (including the original Nathan's hotdogs), Coney Island makes for a perfect all-American summer escape for New Yorkers. 

What: Coney Island, New York's oldest amusement park
Where: The tip of the Lower Bay borough of Brooklyn
When: summer is prime time
Why: Amusement park rides, carnival games, junk food vendors galore, and a beach
Tyro Tip: Visit during them onto of June to catch the annual Mermaid Parade
Ride the spinning teacup ride to channel Dakota Fanning in the movie Uptown Girls

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