Tuesday, August 30, 2016

London Calling

I'm incredibly excited to announce that I will moving across the pond to study abroad in London
this fall semester. As a huge Anglophile (I could go on forever about the Tudors and/or Jane Austen), I've dreamed of visiting England since I was a kid; I can't wait to explore London over the next four months with my Schwinn bike in tow. I've got an ongoing list more than a decade old, but please share any of your favorite must-see British gems! 
Have a favorite bike path, I'd love to know!  

Outfit of the Day: trench coat: Zara | boots: Hunter | top: J.Crew | skirt: J.Crew
Ride of the Day: Schwinn Classic SS | basket: Nantuket Bike Basket

Looking forward to a adventures ahead with Schwinn!
*Thank you to Schwinn Bikes for partnering on this post*

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  1. You will certainly enjoy your time in England and by your outfit you are getting used to our ways and you sure look good with your Hunter Wellies on, a good pair of Wellies is an essential item in any English Girl's wardrobe I know, I wear mine all the time.


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