Tuesday, July 5, 2016

NYC Summer 2016: June

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years."
-Tom Wolfe

It's been a month since I've moved back to New York City again for the summer and in some ways it feels as if I had never left. Even though so many things have changed since I've come back (both NY and myself), the feeling of simply being in this city— existing amongst this busy, mysterious, sometimes chaotic island of New Yorkers— has been reignited. 

It's often said that you eventually forget what people say and what they did, but you never forget how they made you feel. New York is a testament to that; the city is ever-changing with new places and faces. Even when you think you've got this city down like the back of your hand, it throws you a curveball. You might discover a new hidden gem in the form of a local stationery shop, ponder the previous life of your favorite building (the one on your daily commute with a historical sign dating it to the 18th century you only just noticed after three months), or mourn the loss of your favorite Chinese takeout restaurant; New York always keeps you on your toes.  

Whenever people ask me what I love most about New York, I have trouble forming the right explanation. I can't necessarily pinpoint specific things that make New York so great— it's more of a feeling. There are plenty of things I both love and hate about this city; it's a double-edged sword with a fine line between miserable and magical. While the opportunity of a waking up everyday in a city where anything can happen is both terrifying and exhilarating, it makes you feel as if you can dream bigger, work harder, and live freer. 

Whether you're here for five minutes, five weeks, or five years, that feeling is forever.

Here's a recap of my first four weeks. Photos via my Instagram

High Line views form the Whitney Museum of Art

West Village stoops

Golden Hour at the Central Park Boathouse


Fine collections at Argosy's Book Store

A night out at Le Bain

Beautiful blooms in Oyster Bay

Elevator style the Kate Spade way

The Village is a glow

Walks home through Central Park

Soho architecture  at its finest

The Spotted Pig has the best burger/fries in the city

GNO with rose 

One of a kind art and architecture experience at the Guggenheim 

Chelsea views

High Line at golden hour

Feelin' 22

SATC 2.0

Birthday drinks at Le Bain

Vacation is a state of mind

Manhattanite sunsets

91st Street Community Garden in Riverside Park

Parisian vibes downtown 

Nautical vibes in the Meatpacking District

Breakfast with a side of Brexit in Brooklyn

Summer sketches

Cafe Henrie for breakfast

Book lover's dream

National Pink Day

Forth of July

Concerts in the Park

Stycation vibes in the middle of Manhattan

Concerts in the Park fireworks

Chelsea views

Quiet downtown mornings

Blooms from the farmer's market

Concerts in the Park

Views fro the High Line

Andy Warhol at the Whitney

Art installation at the Whitney

Isaac Mizrahi exhibit at the Jewish Museum

Two Hands restaurant 

Kate Spade Broome St

Late night surprises uptown 


Post Birthday feels

 Magical sunsets

Kate Spade New York 

A sea of peonies at the Flower Market

Nautical in Oyster Bay

Upper West Side gems

Coffee in Brooklyn 

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