Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Flowers & Spring Rides with Schwinn

April showers have grown some "wicked" beautiful May flowers in Boston as of late. It seems like every street decided to bloom in unison, making bike rides in the city a euphoric experience.
It's enough to make you go into sensory overload.

Summer seems to be creeping up and soon enough the days will be full of bike rides to the farmer's market, picnics in the parks, and weekend coffee runs. To ensure that I will be fully prepared for any odd likely chance of take-home flowers from the market or pastries from the local café, I recently attached a basket to my Classic SS Schwinn Cruiser. It was truly the perfect addition for the season ahead.  

OOTD: Dress: Ralph Lauren | Shoes: Keds | Sunglesses Kate Spade
Ride of the DayClassic SS Schwinn Cruiser c/o

*Thank you to Schwinn Bikes for partnering on this post*

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