Monday, February 1, 2016

Tyro Tidbits: January 2016 Flashes of Delight

Like the weather, life has had some ups and downs this past January. For the most part,
things have been great although this semester has proven to be pretty stressful already; however,
this has made the little moments of my day or flashes of delights that much more special. From magical winter wonderland walks through the Common, to warm 57 degree runs along the Esplanade, lazy Sunday morning snow days, and good coffee + gallery hopping along Newbury Street, I've never been more appreciative of the little things in life!

Acorn Street Doors

Snow day in the Commons

Magical snow along Bay State Road

Harry Potter vibes in the Boston College Library

Sunset along the Esplanade

Beacon Hill doors

Lazy snow day morning featuring my SOREL slippers & new design book 

Lobster lovin' while gallery hopping

Snow Day Sunday

Study Break Sketch

New colorful Brownstones in the Boston Public Library

High temps and a beautiful sunset along the Esplanade

Ice skating at Frog Pond

Happy February!

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