Saturday, January 16, 2016

Travel Tyro: Baker Museum Yves Saint Laurent & Halston Special Exhibit

While home during the Christmas holidays, I took an afternoon break from my post-finals recovery routine (aka Netflix/reading/beach and chill) to see the current Yves Saint Laurent and Halston exhibit at the Artis-Naples Baker Museum. Originally on display at FIT, the exhibit focuses on the relaxed dress code, vintage influence, and imported "ethnic" ideas that were momentous to fashion during the 70s. The exhibit shows viewers the similarity in styles of Saint Laurent and Halston at the beginning of the decade and their rapid, contrasting designs by the end of the era. It's amazing to see how many of their pieces are still relevant and timeless today.

The museum also has a few wonderful pieces of Chihuly glass sculptors on display, including an entire hallway ceiling inspired by the ocean.

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