Thursday, October 15, 2015

Career Tyro Mentor Series featuring Julian Greene

I'm really excited to launch a new Career Tyro Mentor Series on my blog today that will feature
career profiles on some amazingly talented and hardworking women (and men) I know, who are hustling daily to build their dream careers. As I get ready to graduate next year, I've become increasingly fascinated by people's career paths out there in "the real world". My hope is that this series will be both insightful and inspirational for other career tyros starting their dream careers!

So, meet Julian! She's a Boston University alumna I got to know my freshman year of college. Now the Social Media Marketing Manager at GLOSSYBOX (FYI one of the best online beauty subscription companies), Julian had over five internships in college, was president of our school's PRSSA chapter president, and remains one of the most outgoing, hardworking, and nicest upperclassman I've met on campus. Seriously, she inspired as a freshman me to start taking initiative and get involved in building my career now!

Julian Greene

Current Location: New York, NY 

Hometown: Albany, NY 

Boston University College of Communication/ Public Relations 

Job Title/Company:
Social Media Marketing Manager/ GLOSSYBOX  

When did you apply for your first job out of college?

I knew I wanted to move to NYC after graduation, so I let everyone and anyone who I possibly knew [who lived in NYC] that I was graduating in May. Many companies need you to start immediately, so they can't hire you in February, but letting them know you are graduating soon will get you on their radar when they are thinking about new summer hires. My job right out of college came through a BU alum that I met when I was a freshman in college; I kept in touch and there happened to be an immediate need for someone to join the team the summer after I graduated.

What types of internships did you have during college?

I had a variety of PR internships in both agencies and in-house. Over time, I realized that I wanted to focus my passion in the digital space so I did less traditional Public Relations based internships and focused more on the digital space in-house.  

What are your main responsibilities in your current job role at GLOSSYBOX?

My day to day role focuses on content creation, managing all of our social media channels and working with influencers and brands to come up with partnerships.  

What do you love most about you job and what is the most challenging part of your job? 

[I love] the influencers and brands I get to work with. Being a one man team can get a bit challenging, but it challenges me in the best way possible.

What traits, values, or characteristics do you think makes a good employee and why? 

Someone who comes to work with a smile on their face, is a team player, and always willing to learn. [Also,] it is always a big character flaw when people say they don't know how to do something and aren't willing to learn how to do it. 

What are the most important lessons you have learned from your boss and colleagues?

Never say no. Always challenge yourself and if you can't do something find a way to prioritize your time. Everything can get done you just need to work with your manager to manage that time. 

What advice can you give for career tyros who might want to move to NYC or are just starting to build their career?

Believe in your strengths. If you don't believe in yourself then no one else will. This is especially applicable to life in NYC. While NYC may seem daunting, don't forget to believe in yourself. 
You can do it! 

I love following your city adventures on Instagram! What do you enjoy doing on your weekends off? Any suggestions for places to go, eat, or see?
I have LOADS of places I love to go, just check out my Instagram for some of my favorites. 
Brunch in NYC is a must.  

 Last question: (because I'm always curious about how people stay in touch with the news) what are some of your favorite news sites, social media channels, apps, etc?

I swear by Feedly. It is an RSS feed that you can customize based on your interests. I read it on my way to work every day.  

Thank you Julian for the career advice!
Be sure to follow her on Instagram & Twitter!

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