Monday, August 24, 2015

Travel Tyro: Wave Hill

Confession: I don't have a green thumb, but I adore bright blooms. Even a glance at my Instagram is evidence enough that I go head over heels when I spot blooms on apartment stoops, sidewalks, flower shops, you name it. When I heard about Wave Hill this summer, I knew I would fall in love with the place, but it was even more swoon-worthy in person.

Way up in the Bronx, Wave Hill sits overlooking the Hudson River and includes an estate (that the likes of Theodore Roosevelt and Mark Twain nice lived in) and twenty eight acres of gardens and woodlands. A long- but worthwhile- trip to the end of the 1 subway train, the variety of blooms will make any color and flower enthusiast burst with delight! 

Who: Families, wedding parties, children, friends, there's something for everyone. 
What: Wave Hill— a 28 acre public garden and culture center
Where: In the Bronx overlooking the Hudson River (Accessible by taking the 1 train on the subway to the last stop at West 242nd Street then taking their shuttle located right by the subway stop or yo can take the Metro North. More information here)
Wear: Your favorite sundress or floral tulle skirt ;-)
When: Summer or late spring when everything is in bloom
Why: A carefully cultivated variety of lush gardens and greenhouses that converted this non-gardener into a wannabe horticulturalist. 
Tyro Tidbit: Pack a picnic for their umbrella-covered picnic tables, but don't expect to eat on the
lawn— footsteps only.

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