Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Travel Tyro: Cold Spring

While scouting out another weekend jaunt, my friend and I decided on Cold Spring in upstate New York to take advantage of the scenic views and hometown charm. 

Cold Spring (interestingly named by George Washington after a he inspected a spring for Revolutionary War defenses and found the water cold) is only an hour away on the Metro North and has the best of both worlds. The town itself has an All-American feel to it with cute restaurants, antique shops, and American flags lining its Main Street. There is an endless amount of good places to eat in including Riverview Dining and Hudson Hil's, but the real winner is Moo Moo's Ice Cream —which I might add serves its ice cream by the spoon heap-fuls! Cold Spring Apothecary another local favorite and I've since seen their candles sold at some NYC Madewell stores since! 

There are a ton of things to do right outside of Cold Spring as well that are easily accessible by foot or by riding the old-fashion trolley, that picks up visitors by the gazebo (located near the train stop). You can go kayaking down on the waterfront to go kayaking o take the trolley to Boscobel, which I wrote about in the this post. If you're looking to be more adventurous, I definitely suggest hiking up Bull Hill. My friend and I completely underestimated our skills— and the people we passed walking to the trail with their hiking sticks, backpacks, and boots in tow. 

It was miserable (and very entertaining to watch) me haul a large tote bag and him a briefcase for four and a half hours, but it was definitely worth the views. I highly recommend starting off on the Washburn Trail and switching to the Notch Trail and then Brook Trail, which makes about a 4.5 mile loop that gives you an amazing view of the Hudson River, some quarries, an abandoned dairy farm, the Old Cornish Estate, and even vague views of the NYC skyline on a sunny day. But again, this hike really isn't for the faint of heart. There were no cleared paths until the Brook Trail and a lot of uphill climbing moments that were definite ankle twisters!

Who: Everyone, except only true adventure seekers should attempt the difficult hiking
What: antiquing, Hudson Valley views, estate tours, ice cream shops, and charming hometown vibes
Wear: Actual hiking attire if you're going to take on Bull Hill
When: Cold Spring makes an easy summer weekend jaunt by Metro North
Why: If you are an adventure seeker and small town enthusiast, this place offers the best of both worlds
Tyro Tip: The trolley is cash only and is only $1 for a ride. There is also a tent sent up at the start of
Bull Hill with volunteers offering trail guides and water to refill your bottle! 

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