Friday, August 7, 2015

Gallery Hopping

I am an art lover and museum addict to say the least, but I was initially intimidated at the prospect of going gallery hopping around NYC. I had this image in my mind of being watched in those immaculately clean white, stuffy rooms by some chic looking art history major dressed in all black giving me serious side eye because I definitely  . Well, a few weekends ago my friend and I decided to give it a go and it ended up being a perfect rainy day diversion!

New York is home to hundreds of art galleries— seriously you'll see the amount of dots multiply as soon as you type in "art gallery" in Google Maps— but I had some friends recommend checking out the galleries in Chelsea as there is a cluster of them scattered all along 10th Avenue between 18th  and 30th Street. It wasn't intimidating at all; in fact, most of the people simply greet you as you come in and leave you wander about. Overall, it was fascinating to see the different styles and mediums used through the different exhibits. By the end of the afternoon, I must have been in over thirty galleries!


Who: This is a great solo activity, "me" time activity— or grab a friend and go. 
I wouldn't recommend large groups of people as the galleries are kept quiet.
What: "Gallery Hopping" an addictive hobby for art lovers, creatives, and color fanatics alike. 
Where: All throughout Chelsea along 10th Avenue between 18th and 30th
Wear: Dressy casual is best. 
When: The perfect activity for rainy days.
Why: Culture! Color! And not to mention, it's free! 
Tyro Tips: Don't wear a large bag as some galleries will want you to check your bag to protect the art from any accidents.

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  1. I feel the same way about gallery nights! We've thought about going when we visit larger cities, but always get intimidating. Your photos are making me wish I wasn't such a big baby! I love, love, love that first photo! :-)


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