Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Travel Tyro: Rowayton, CT Travel Guide

As my friend and I stepped off the train and started to wonder down the hydrangea-lined streets of Rowayton, I knew we'd found our New England oasis within close proximity of the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. My friend, David, couldn't help but whistle as we walked by picture-perfect white picket fences and nautical emblems galore. Me, I couldn't help but take an obscene amount of photographs and have the urge to merrily skip down the quiet road as friendly residents waved smiled as we criss-cossed the road snapping away. 

I definitely recommend walking straight down Rowayton Avenue from the train station all the way down to Bayley Beach, grabbing a coffee and a sandwich at Rowayton Market and eating it on their back deck overlooking the Five Mile River or stopping at Brendan's 101 for a lobster roll and homemade ice cream (then heading straight out the back to eat said lunch straight off the dock). 

The walk down Rowayton Avenue is breeze at only a mile and a half and certainly worth straying off of to ooh and ahh over the adorable residences

Who: Grab a friend (or more) and stroll down this quaint little Connecticut
town and stop for some local fare along the way.
What: Eat lobster rolls and homemade ice cream at Brendan's 101
Coffee and sandwiches at Rowayton Market
Enjoy finer fare at Sails American Grill
Grab a slice of pizza at Rowayton Pizza
Stroll down Rowayton Avenue and wander down the side streets to see the hidden residential gems
Where: Rowayton, CT (get there by Metro North from NYC only 40 miles away!)
Wear: Ditch your all black New Yorker uniform and pull your Lilly, Nantucket Reds, and other preppy favorites out of your closet that you've been saving for the Cape all summer.
(Bring a bathing suit too if you really want to take advantage of Bayley Beach)
When: This is the perfect weekend day trip for the summer!
Why: Escape the concrete jungles of NYC and enjoy this nearby New England gem with
plenty of nautical gems to knock your corporate 9-5 heels off. You'll be glad you did once the smell of salty air washes over you and stroll across the beach— sans shoes and any worries.
Tyro Tip: If you go by Metro North on the weekend, the ride is off-peak and about $22 round trip!

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