Monday, July 27, 2015

Travel Tyro: Long Beach, NY

Last Sunday, my friend and I took a spur of the moment trip over to Long Beach to get a good dose of Vitamin C Sea. As fellow Floridians, we were missing lazy beach days at home. So, we packed up our beach bags in the morning and hit the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) to enjoy a day of with salty hair and sandy toes. 

No one ever hypes up Long Beach, but I was pleasantly surprised! Although I've never seen so many people on one beach simultaneously (not even during Florida Spring Breaks), the beach was clean and the sand was quite smooth. While the shops around town can get a bit touristy, there are some cute houses tucked along the streets and a good variety of restaurants down in the West End. After lounging a bit on the beach, we walked about a mile and a half down the boardwalk to Minnesota's, which was recommended to us for their lobster rolls. 

Now, I've had some pretty good lobster rolls in New England, so I didn't come with high expectations. I ditched the traditional New England Roll and instead tried the West Coast Roll. It wasn't even love at first bite— the mere sight of avocado and bacon mixed with 5-6 lobster claws was enough to win me over! New England, you definitely have some tough competition! ;-) 

Who: A friend (or three +), boyfriend, family— all ages can enjoy.
What: Sand, salt water, and some darn good lobster rolls and drinks if you're game.  
Where: Long Beach, located an hour away on the LIRR from Penn Station
Head to the West End for a good selection of restaurants, but 
really just go to Minnesota for the lobster rolls. You won't be disappointmented, I swear! 
Wear: Bathing suit or light cotton shorts, shirts, and sandals. 
*I'm wearing head to (almost) toe J.Crew, Jack Rogers sandals, and a Vera Bradley bag.
When: Perfect day trip on summer weekends. The LIRR is only $22 train ticket off-peak on weekends and $9 for a beach pass, but if you're looking for quieter beach time, weekdays are ideal.
Why: If you're having beach withdrawals on a summer Friday afternoon in your NYC cubicle, Long Beach offers a quick fix. 
Tyro Tip: Bring your bike or rent one to ride down the Boardwalk. Looking to be more
of a beach bum? Search for a book station along the Boardwalk and kick back. 


  1. Oh damn, that lobster roll looks delicious! You also look really cute with braids.


  2. Great weather (feeling envious!) I love the photo through the sunglasses!


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