Friday, June 5, 2015

Vizcaya Estate

While visiting my friend during my trip home to Florida, we stopped by the stunning Vizcaya Estate. Once the winter home of Chicago businessman, James Deering. Built from 1914-1916, the estate includes 50 acres of the house or "villa", gardens, and a remarkable view of Biscayne Bay. Vizcaya was donated to the city of Miami in 1952 and is now a National Landmark, quite a remarkable feat considering it has not only survived the innate heat and saltwater native to Florida, but multiple hurricanes during the twentieth century. 

The villa was built in an Italian Tuscan Renaissance style with many vintage design influences to make the house look and feel "old" although it had many modern elements including a telephone room. The extensive gardens include winding pathways lined with overhanging trees make you feel as if are truly transported to Italy. My favorite part of the estate though? Hands down, the "shipwreck" in the back of the house. I can only imagine how magical it must have looked when visitors came to dock their boats in the water.  

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