Monday, June 8, 2015

PBteen Dorm Style

While it seems like summer vacation just started yesterday, it's never too soon to start planning your back to school shopping! Perhaps you're even interning far from home this summer, currently living in an apartment and in need of some new bedding (sounds familiar...)? 

For the past two years of college, my PBteen bedding has far exceeded my expectations. While my old bedding still looks brand new, it was time for some new changes for junior year and my summer stay in NYC! In keeping with my favorite color combo of black, white, and hot pink, PBteen sent me this beautiful Bloom Doodle Duvet Cover, Suite Organic Sheet Set, and of course, the perfect Ribbon Trim Monogram Pillow to put an even more personalized stamp on my space. 

For any college tyro, getting used to living in a tiny space with a roommate(s), can be a challenging transition at first; however, I'm a firm believer in taking the time to decorate your own personal space with things you love. These Vinyl Picture Frame Wall Decals apply (and remove) easily to any surface and are perfect for creating your own wall gallery. I created mine above my desk filled with fun postcards, stickers, and photographs that inspire me during those late night blogging and study sessions. This particular room also doesn't have a lot of natural light coming in (hence the rather dark photographs), so the added pop of color from the wall gallery is a much needed mood booster! 

Note: My Emily & Merrit Wishbox from this previous post is also perfect for storing
little trinkets on your desk.

Live colorfully, always.

Thank you to PBteen for sponsoring this post!

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