Monday, May 4, 2015


After three finals this week, I'm "moving up" in the wonderful world of college and becoming
an upperclassman! I can't believe another year of college has come and gone. While
I'm excited for the new adventures ahead next fall, I feel as if college is quickly slipping between
my fingers. If I had a balloon for every special memory from sophomore year, I'd float right into outer space...

I'm incredibly thankful for all of the people, places, and lessons that have made both big and small impacts on my life this year. From kayaking on the Charles, to surviving calculus, skiing in Mt. Washington, seeing a Red Sox Game, and watching the Boston Ballet, I've checked off so many great adventures on my bucket list this year. Although I've experienced so much, I'm really still just a Big City Tyro at heart, ready to chase some new junior year adventures. 

Dress and Shoes: Kate Spade 

Cheers to another great year of college and life in the big city!

Special Thank you to my friend, Sarah, for taking these wonderful photos. 


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