Friday, May 8, 2015

Study Break

via my Instagram @bigcitytyro

I have one final left to go (why do Saturday finals exist?) and then I am officially
on summer time! If you're holed up in the library studying too, here's some of my favorite
weekly links for a little study break.;-)

Happy Finals Week!

Here's all the looks from the Met Gala My favorites? 
Rose Byrne, Amal Clooney, & Vanessa Hudgens

Here's a peak inside Vineyard Vine's Corporate Office

A sad and empowering story- everything in our lives isn't always captured in those 
tiny Instagram squares

BuzzFeed is doing a cats newsletter every Friday now (insert cat emoji with heart eyes)

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  1. Good luck with your final! I'm already home for summer, luckily, but I'm sure these links will temporarily cure my boredom. xx



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