Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Off the Cuff Spring 2015

I'm excited to finally share with you the spring issue of Off the Cuff, Boston University's 
student-run fashion magazine. Included in the issue is an article I wrote about the evolution of hats.

For any high school seniors (and soon to be future college tyros) still debating about what college to choose, one of my biggest suggestions is to research the on-campus organizations at your prospective college. One of the reasons I chose Boston University was because the diverse variety of organizations present on campus, specifically the strong presence of fashion clubs that I felt would help enhance my career goals. Extra curricular activities are a big part of my college life and besides helping me make friends, the organizations/clubs have helped me grow professionally. Writing for Off the Cuff has undoubtedly helped me gain a creative, editorial perspective on the fashion industry while our Fashion and Retail Club has allowed me to understand the more strategic, business side of the industry. Combined, both have given me hands on experience and networking opportunities that have helped me grow personally and professionally. 

Wherever you decide to go next semester, take advantage of all of the opportunities around you- on and off campus. But, my biggest piece of advice is to take the initiative in whatever you decide to do. 

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