Monday, March 16, 2015

Boston's Hidden Gems in 72 hours or less

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It's been over a week since my last blog post, but I needed a little break (more on that later)!
Spring Break crept up sooner than I thought, partially because it's still snowing outside while I write this now. I had some much needed doses of adventure and down time, got over a cold, traveled to NYC, and my favorite – I got to show my mom my favorite hidden gems in Boston.

Scroll through our photos and read a small Boston visitor's guide at the end:

Museum of Fine Arts

Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

Quincy Market 

North End

Boston Harbor

Harvard Square

Beacon Hill

Boston Common

Boston's Hidden Gems in 72 hours or less

 See the amazing Old Hollywood Glamour costume exhibit and beautiful impressionism paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts. After, walk down the block to the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum which is probably one of Boston's hidden gems. (Note: You get a discount if you attend within two days of your visit to the MFA and vice versa). A wealthy heiress's grand creation, the house is dripping in wonder from its life-size tapestries to its Venice style courtyard, and John Singer Sargent paintings. Also, be sure to see the beautiful greenhouse as you walk in! 

Stroll around the old historic Boston neighborhood, Beacon Hill, and see the beautiful brownstones, quirky door knockers (think lobsters, whales, and sea shells), and tiny cobblestone streets like Acorn Street. Make sure to also poke your head into the local boutiques where you'll find everything from antique art, to stationery, and vintage clothing.

Take a walk/run around the Charles River Esplanade where you'll get amazing views of downtown Boston, MIT, and Boston University. Wander down Boston University's campus and you'll find the BU Castle (an architectural gem).

Stop inside the Massachusetts State House near Boston Common and Beacon Hill. See the statue of JFK on the lawn, hall of flags, and wonder around the grand staircases to peak inside some of the well-furnished rooms. 

While Boston has been getting warmer, it was still quite cold and dreary walking around. To put us in a summer state of mind, we decided to get lobster rolls at Quincy Market. Being so close to Mike's Pastryin the North End, we couldn't resist splitting a ginormous and oh-so-delicious lobster tail- with two cannolis to go!

We had dinner at Border Cafe right in the heart of Harvard Square one night. A local Mexican joint, their empanadas are well worth the T ride on the Red Line.

Have coffee and a pastry at the newly opened Tatte Bakery while strolling around Beacon Hill, or until you hit the Beacon Hill Chocolate shop for a little sweet.

If you're in the Back Bay or walking along the Charles River Esplanade, take the green line on the T down Boston University to Allston and stop at Clear Flour Bread for authentic European breads and pastries. There aren't any table to sit at, but you'll want one of their croissants to go!

Stroll around the harbor if you're down by Quincy Market. It's a bit frozen right now, but beautiful! My favorite spot is by the Boston Harbor Hotel where you can see an assortment of colorful boats docked in the water. 

Go to Harvard Square and pop into the florist shop near Crema Cafe (which has amazing scones) and got a dose of spring come. Also, stop by Tealuxe which has amazing lavender tea (and bubble tea or so I've heard from many of my friends). 

Walk through the Boston Common, aka Boston's very own and much smaller Central Park. There are still some snow castle art on display worth seeing although nothing is in bloom and the lawn isn't even visible. 

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  1. This place is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and stunning. Even though a few halls are equally appealing and fascinating in their decor, food and aesthetics, I'm tempted to still give DC venues some slight edge.


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