Sunday, February 22, 2015

Striped in Snowpocalypse

I took these photos two weeks ago, but hadn't gotten around to posting them yet. It's incredible surreal how much higher the snow has piled up since then. This Buzz Feed article of our snowpocalypse is actually quite accurate (#2 is me standing next to the snow pile outside my brownstone). I too have seen people skiing out on the Esplanade and had my own share of friends jumping out of windows into snow piles
Maybe this outfit accurately portrays me as a prisoner of this insane snow?;)

Vest: Bloomingdales | Shirt: J.Crew | Pants: Zara | Boots: Nordstrom Rack | Sunnies: Gap | Gloves: Thrifted | Bracelets: Kate Spade | Hat: Bebe

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

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