Sunday, February 15, 2015

Planning a Road Trip with Tripda

While I've only been a big city tyro for two years, I definitely consider myself a city girl now. The rush of big city living always makes me feel alive when I wake up in the morning and I can't imagine living anywhere else at this stage of my life.
But, the thrill of adventures in new places makes my heart flutter too.

 Boston is surrounded by an array of amazing cities and has one of the best public transportation systems in the US, but its limited commuter rail makes it difficult to reach these travel gems. Trains and buses are easily accessible in Boston, yet they are often pricey and tedious, especially if you are a spontaneous type who doesn't like to follow schedules and waste time searching through multiple travel listings and platforms. Well college students, Tripda is the answer to all of your travel conundrums!

Tripda is a global online platform that connects drivers offering rides to passengers looking to travel the same way. Throughout North America, Latin America, and India, Tripda provides a safe, budget-friendly solution for college students looking to plan day trips to new places, visit friends at distant colleges, or even take a ride back to their hometown. If you're a college student looking to save money on gas and tolls though, you can match with passengers looking to head in the same direction.

Unlike a taxi service, Tripda is a ride-sharing community with safety features that allows you to weed out incompatible preferences and hone in on like-minded drivers/passengers. Tripda allows you to search by your desired destination and customize your personal travel preferences based on what you want to pay, if you prefer talking or silence during a trip, and even if you want dog-friendly options.
To log into the site, Tripda uses Facebook verification that allows you to see the person's profile information, photo, and any mutual friends so you can also search for drivers/passengers by affiliation  on a company, university, and mutual friends. There is also a ladies only option to help give young women more piece of mind when traveling alone. As with any platform, you can accept or deny potential travel partners and can write, rate, and read reviews about your travel partner that will help travelers in the Tripda community. 

Tripda is easily the smartest way to carpool in the twenty-first century. Designed with so many customizable trip preferences, it's a safe, efficient, and budget-friendly travel option for college students with major wanderlust (aka me). Since I grew up in Florida, I'm always looking for an excuse to see more of the North East; however, I don't have an endless budget for renting cars or taking buses. On a recent trip to New York City, I paid upwards $60 for a ticket! If I had taken this Tripda ride, I would have paid less than half of my ticket price and left on time. For our recent day trip to Portsmouth, my friends and I rented a Zipcar split four ways. This Tripda ride is only a third of the price. Had I used Tripda, I could have planned three more day trips for the same price.

You can read more about Tripda online, on your mobile device, and read about it in the Boston Globe, USA Today, and the Tech Crunch.

So, if you could plan a Tripda day trip, where would you go? 

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. 

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