Monday, January 19, 2015

Naples Pier

Whenever I go home for break, I never fail to get a good dose of Vitamin D, blue skies, and piles of white sand in the bottom of my handbags that somehow seem to linger for weeks on end. While I've never lived anywhere but on the eastern seaboard, nothing feels quite like home than Florida's white sandy beaches and iconic palm trees. The pier in Naples is especially charming though, with its surrounding cottages and mansions blooming with flowers, white picket fences, and pink flamingos in the yard. 
(Sorry in advance for the super long posts!)

Gatsby's house? ;-)

I'm back in Boston today for the second half of my sophomore year (where has time gone?!),
 but already missing the sunshine state.


  1. Florida is gorgeous. You're so lucky! I'm loving that pineapple detail on the balcony grate. I'm so jealous, I could use a beach holiday right now.

  2. Lovely photos. Amazing views.


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