Friday, January 23, 2015

Anchored to Boston

Today will mark the first week of spring semester sophomore year. As my time in Boston will reach the three year mark later this fall, it's amazing how much this city feels like home. Over winter break, I realized how many roots I have anchored in Boston. From friendship, to dreams, and even jobs, this big city has become more than just a place. 

While Florida will always be a place of familiarity where most of my family and child memories are rooted in, Boston has become my home in this next chapter of my life. I always thought people would picture home as one place, but as I am beginning to plan more and more into the future (like post-graduation, scary stuff), I've realized one is truly fortune if they can anchor themselves to various homes (ports) as they travel on this little adventure called life.

Dress: Brooks Brothers | Shoes: Gap


  1. Oh this warms my heart :) I feel like such an ignorant goob, but where is this?! BPL?

  2. Love that dress!!


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