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A 7-Step Wardrobe Makeover Crash Course

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How do you go about changing up your style without going overboard? 
How do you ease into a new form of self-expression without messing it up and wasting money on something that you thought would look good on you but turns out not to be a good fit for your personality? If you feel that you’re stuck in a style you no longer enjoy, if you’re bored by your wardrobe selection, and if you have an overwhelming desire to make a big change, this 7-step wardrobe makeover crash course will help you figure out how transition to something new and different, something you'll truly like.

Where do you start? 
How do you ease into a wardrobe makeover? You want a new look, but you also don’t want to jar everyone you know. You still want people to recognize you. You also want to feel comfortable with the new style, making it a part of your personality and lifestyle. How do you do it? How do you make the transition? How do you change your style without losing your identity and shocking everyone you know in the process?

The following 7 steps will help you step into your new wardrobe with style, grace and ease:

1. Study different styles.
There are numerous styles that you can try on. Some will seem like a natural fit, others will look rather bizarre on you. Do you, for instance, want to be edgy, boho, preppy, or go all out with glamazon? Each style initiates you into a different world. The best way to figure out what you like and what you think weird is to study different style. Go through magazines, books, and websites. Read descriptions, look at pictures, and try to imagine yourself in each style.

2. Try a subtle shift. 
Since we’re talking about easing into a new style, you may want to consider preppy, because it’s the least jarring. You can still hold on to your identity when shifting to preppy. It’s a relaxed, Californian, surfer-dude style with a hint of East Coast savoir faire. If you check out Johnnie-O, you’ll see how this style is casual yet smooth, informal yet suave and laid back yet sophisticated. It’s looks sporty, but it’s also polished. It’s an unfussy style, but still urbane. What’s more, the contrast is all subtle, nuanced, and hard to pin down.

3. Expand your research
Once you've decided on your style, it time to amp up the research. Begin collecting pictures. Start watching video clips. Tear pictures out of magazines or print them from a website. Make notes on fabrics, colors, and prices, and anything else that is significant for you.

4. Find a mentor. 
If you have friends who are already wearing the style you like, ask them to show you how they put the style together. If you don’t have friends who have adopted your favorite style, then you might be able to find pictures and videos of celebrities who favor the style. Check out blogs, go to video-sharing websites, and ask questions on social media. Once you've found out how they mix-and-match clothes within that style, then evolve your own persona. In other words, learn by example, but then make it your own. While others may influence you, it’s important to stay true to your own unique sense of style. What fabrics do you like? What colors look good on you? What makes you feel alive?

5. Collect pieces. 
By now, you will have a fairly good idea about the style you want to adopt. It’s now time to create a list of the pieces you like. Write down your favorite pieces from all the pictures you've seen and all the descriptions you've read. Now, figure out what goes well together. Go shopping for clothes within your chosen style. Visit boutique stores and browse through websites.

6. Go slow. 
Once you've found the right place to shop, lean into the new style—get only a few pieces. Increase your collection of the style over time as you learn more about it. Create your new look slowly. While it’s possible to change your style overnight, you need time to learn what looks good on you, what is comfortable, and how others relate to your gradual transformation.

7. Morph into your new style. 
Savor the adventure. Remember, it’s all about learning and experimenting, about evolving into your new style, about making it totally YOU!

These 7 steps will help you find your new fashion style. Using them, you’ll be able to ease into the new style and tailor it to suit your personality and tastes so that the style appears to be a natural extension of you rather than something that you just threw together without much thought. The main reason why you should not simply change your style overnight is because you need time to expand your perception and awareness and make adjustments. Finally, don't take it too seriously. Enjoy it. Have fun with changing your style!

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