Friday, November 14, 2014

Her Campus Headquarters

Yesterday, I walked an extra block past campus to visit the lovely Her Campus team at their Boston headquarters. I love being involved in the HC Blogger Network and attend the CFW every fall, so I when I saw the black and hot pink awning outside the building, I knew I had found the right place. Nothing prepared me for the fun, playful, bright, and perfectly themed black and hot pink office space! 

From the hand painted wall art by graphic designer Kelsey and account executive Allison, to the modern kitchen area equipped with a nail polish rack and candy bar, and even the modern Poppin office furniture and desk supplies, I had total decor envy. With over fifteen team members working hard in their pods, the HC team makes sure to still schedule some time now and then for weekly Wednesday fitness classes, holiday parties (from the looks of a few lingering decorations, they take Halloween pretty seriously), and cocktail nights that help everyone bond, relieve stress, and have some fun!

But, seriously, can my dorm room look like this too?!

My favorite part of the office? The wall of fame.
 It's truly inspiring to look at that wall and around the office and see the success of three college friends who had the passion, drive, and guts, to chase after their dream and make it happen. 

Thanks for having me HC!



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  1. So Colorful! I love it!!!!


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