Friday, November 21, 2014

Advice to a College Tyro: Someone to Share Your Success With

It's been far too long since my last college advice post, but today's topic has been a reoccurring 
trend this semester. 

Compared to last year, I've found the environment in my classrooms to be incredibly stimulating, inspiring, and extremely competitive. While some of my peers thrive in this type of environment, others find it downright stressful. Despite which way you lean, it can feel uncomfortable sharing your success with others. From little achievements like getting an A on a quiz to hitting that five mile mark on your daily runs or big accomplishments like scoring your dream internship or landing on the dean's list, it's often easier to share you goals, struggles, and daily events with those around you, but how often do you share your success with others? 

A group of my friends (both male and female) were having a laid back conversation the other day about exam grades. Two of the guys stated they did "really well" because they were simply "good" or "smart" at the subject. On the other hand, two of the girls stated they did "pretty well" because they "studied hard" or "got lucky" guessing some of the answers. While all of these factors probably came into play with all of four of them, it became clear the girls were more tentative to claim their success compared to the guys, even after it was revealed they had outperformed the guys.

Admittedly, there have been personal, academic, professional, or blogging successes in my life recently that I have not shared with people because I felt I was: arrogant, lucky, bragging, or cocky. I do feel there is a battle between success and likability for women in professional and academic situations; however, why should we be so inclined to disown or downgrade our successes from our own friends? It's often second nature for us to vent our stress, express our goals, or share those minuscule and perhaps irrelevant moments in our life (like that delicious sandwich you just ate for lunch) with friends, so why should success be a taboo topic?

Whether big, small, luck, fate, hard work, or perseverance, success shouldn't be kept a secret. Lately, I've been making a more conscious effort to own my successes (big or little) and not be intimidated and uncomfortable sharing them with friends. In return, many of my girlfriends have been more open and confident sharing their success and it's truly exciting and inspiring to cheer each other on.

Own your success, always.

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