Monday, October 6, 2014

Her Campus College Fashion Week x Cinch

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed my recent Cinch polls for HC College Fashion Week. For those fashionistas that might not know, Cinch is a voting app where users post photos to ask a question and invite friends and the Cinch Community to take a vote. Instead of sending out a bunch of links or sifting through your group messages to read feedback on everything, Cinch makes polling efficient and easy.

Using Cinch was a fun and easy way ask my friends questions before the big show like which shoes to wear. The best part? My friends that didn't have iPhones could still participate in the poll without downloading the app!

 I'm already brainstorming about all the ways I can use the Cinch app besides asking my friends what to wear every morning, where to grab coffee, or which new color filter to use for a new Instagram photo. I definitely think the app should be on my list for successfully managing group projects; I think it would be a great way to share ideas in large groups!

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