Thursday, September 11, 2014

Brave Life Project

My trip to NYC this summer was the perfect mini getaway. I saw a group of my college friends, ate some cronuts, and got to experience some new places like the High Line. But, the real reason behind the trip was a grant I won for the Brave Life Project sponsored by Keds, the Girl's Leadership Institute, and Seventeen Magazine. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from the conference, but I left feeling more empowered than ever.

In a room with over 100 Gen-Y women from all over the globe, I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to be among many so many accomplished women with unique and inspiring stories to tell. I got to hear from a handful of professional women like Lauren Berger, Alicia Mendez, Sarah Jones, and Rachel Simmons talk about overcoming challenges professionally and personally to be the brave individual they wanted to become. It was comforting to hear these women speak about their past and current struggles of being an overachiever, independent, different, etc. There were so many moments in their careers I felt like I was walking in their old shoes.


Everyday, we all face our own little battles of bravery. Being brave can be as simple as introducing yourself to a new classmate or as monumental as asking your boss for a raise. Personally, having the courage to be brave is something I am constantly working on, but it's like a muscle that I keep strengthening with practice.

I survived my first week of sophomore year of college and it's amazing how much braver I am than freshman year. I have always struggled with math (it honestly scares me), but here I am taking calculus and finance courses this semester because I'm want to try to pursue a business major. On my first day of calculus, I was already way in over my head and wanted to run right out of the room and drop the class. But, here I am on week two learning to do limits and deviations soon (eek!). I'm also not afraid to take the initiative and have already gone to office hours and tutoring, and I've even made some new study buddies.;)

 If I earned a dollar for every time I pulled back on being brave, I'd have my college tuition paid for. There are so many times when I regretted not being brave enough to raise my hand in class, strike up a conversation with a stranger, or try something new. Going out of your comfort zone is hard, but you miss every shot you're not brave enough to go for.

This semester's classes aren't going to be easy, but I'm finding the courage to go for it anyhow.

"Be brave. Be bold. Be you." 

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