Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sand Dollar Cookies

From all of my beach adventures lately, I feel like quite the beach bum. Even though I've lived
in Florida most of my life, I never really took advantage of the beach in the summer except
for annual vacations to Marco Island with my grandma as a child. Some of my favorite summer memories involve my brother and I skimboarding on the beach (I still have a scar to prove it), floating
in the pool all day, and collection buckets and buckets of shells. It's been almost a decade later, but I've still kept a lot of my "treasures" and whenever I seashells I always think of those fun summer days. 

One year, I was particularly lucky to find some mini sand dollars washed up on the shore and they have been the pride of my treasure collection ever since. When I was baking cookies the other day, I suddenly had the idea to make them into sand dollars. 
One of my better ideas? Absolutely. I should have been making these years ago...

Sand Dollar Sugar Cookies

In stead of the royal icing I made a simple glaze and placed the slivered almonds on top to give them their nautical look. ;)


  1. Love these cute cookies.


  2. This is a really cute idea! They'd be great for a beach-themed party.

    1. Thank you Kat! They would be so quick and easy to make for any beach-themed party!

  3. Looks very nice and delicious :)



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