Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Tourist Adventures: Sanibel Island & Captiva Part One

Last weekend, I took a little trip to Sanibel Island and Captiva, both islands off of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. I like to think both islands are like the Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard of Florida. Sanibel Island is a bit more touristy of the two, with lots of fun shops (like stores dedicated to seashells!) and restaurants like my childhood favorite, the Island Cow. Just like Nantucket, there's also plenty of dunes and even a lighthouse, although you'll see lots of palm trees and even some cactuses instead of grasslands. 

I always love the quaint little mailboxes around the island!

My favorite part about the island though? The seashells! 
As a child, I'd spend hours at the beach collecting various seashells. I'd come home with buckets of shells, many of which I've still kept to this day. Sanibel Island is particularly known for its large variety of seashells. When beach goers bend over for shells, they even call it the "Sanibel stoop". ;-) 

Stay tuned for part two! 


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    1. Opps, I accidentally removed this! Yes, I love Sanibel Island, it's such a great place to visit for Floridians and tourists!

  2. First time visitor here! :) Looks like you had a lovely time on vacay, and those views are gorgeous! I love Florida, and I wish I could get down there more!

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