Thursday, June 26, 2014

DIY Camera Strap

I finally pulled the trigger and bought my own camera after saving up for quite some
time (I will no longer have to keep borrowing from Montana!). I got a Canon Rebel T3
and am absolutely in love, but as the accessories-loving girl I am, I wanted something a bit
snazzier than the canon logo strap. While I did find some cool leather camera straps online, I
needed something that would uphold the weight of the camera, fit the small strap attachment,
and wouldn't break the bank.

So, I knew it was time for another little DIY!

DIY Camera Strap


Scissors (I used spring loaded, but any sharp fabric scissor is best)
Needle and Thread
Fabric (I used cotton gingham fabric)

Measure your strap, and cut the fabric a quarter inch wider on each side. 
Fold back and measure each end a quarter/half an inch, pin the fabric back, and stitch an edge.

Fold in half and stitch approximately one quarter inch by hand or machine (inside out).
Once you've finished sewing, flip the fabric inside out and pull it over your camera strap. 
And that's it!

Macy wanted to help as well!;-)

It's a very simple DIY that makes a BIG stylistic difference to your camera!
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