Thursday, May 8, 2014

The End of Freshman Year

Only one final left today and I'll be officially down with my freshman year of college!
I'm not one to be super sentimental, but when I reminisced about freshman year and how far I've
grown, learned, and lived, I admit I got a bit teary! 

I wrote a blog post featured on the Huffington Post College section yesterday where
I shared the biggest piece of advice I wish I'd known as an incoming freshman. The 
article comes straight from the heart, yet it only slightly touches on all of the amazing
opportunities I've experienced this year.

There are sooo many people, family, friends, and experiences I'm thankful for this year, I could
seriously write an entire novel about it. But, a big shout out to these three below for being there
for all of my adventures.

P.S.~ Here are some of my favorite adventures from freshman year:

I can't wait for more adventures next year!


  1. I just finished my freshman year too!! Such a great experience. So glad I found your blog! Keep up the amazing work.
    Saguaros & Stilettos

    1. Thank you so much, Kennedy! Congrats on finishing freshman year too! :)


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