Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Advice for a College Tyro: Worry-Free Wednesday

It's getting down to the final countdown…
Today officially marks the last thirty days of freshman year! I seriously can't believe how time has flown by and while I'm sad freshman year will be over, I'm definitely excited for all of the new adventures to come next semester. 

This week is extra hectic between upcoming housing selection, class registration, summer plans, travel plans, and everything in-between. With so many things up in the air, I've definitely been a bit of a worry wart lately- and I'm ready to #letitgo. I technically don't worry a lot, but overanalyze and dissect every. little. thing. It's not even that I want to control everything; I just want to maximize my life to the fullest potential.

 Recently, we discussed personality types in my psychology class; our textbook categorized people as maximizers or satisfiers. Satisfiers are people that make decisions that are "just good enough to satisfy them"; maximizers evaluate (overanalyze) every option for every choice until they find the perfect fit. My textbook also claimed there's always that one person everyone knows who is an extreme maximizer, always comparing products, jobs, classes, etc to make the best decision possible. 

This week, I've been that extreme maximizer. I've been scouring floor plans for the best rooms on campus, pouring through rate my professor and course descriptions to find the best classes and teachers, and making my head spin and my stomach turn into knots. 
And I finally realized the only thing I was maximizing was my worry.  

Today, I vow to start fresh and have a "Worry-Free Wednesday". 
I've put in the effort and time to maximize my options, and now all I can do is hope the odds are in my favor!

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