Monday, April 21, 2014

Marathon Monday

Around this time last year, I was on my way to Boston for a college orientation session a few days after the Boston Marathon bombing. The night we flew in, I flipped through the local news on my hotel's t.v. and soon watched the police chase down the perpetrators into the early hours of the morning. As a stranger to the city, I was blown away by the close sense of unity among the people  of Boston as they rallied together through such tragedy to seek justice. 

Since living in Boston, I have grown to love the city not just for its cute cafes, endless shopping, or beautiful river, but for its diverse, yet unified community of people that still remain dedicated to honoring that fateful day in Boston's history. Today is my first time experiencing "Marathon Monday" and while the city is excited to once again celebrate such a prestigious annual event, for many it still brings back horrible memories. On campus, students here are especially mourning the death of fellow student, Lu Lingzi, who was one of four innocent victims who lost their lives after last year's event.

Our city's determination to remain unbroken is truly admirable. Even when I'm away from Boston, I am always reminded how great of a city I live in and how wonderful the people are. I could't agree more and will always be proud to be apart of a city that's #BostonStrong.

If you are in the city from now until May 11th, a stop at the Boston Public Library is a must not only
for it's beautiful architecture, but the Dear Boston: Marathon Memorial on display right now.
It's truly moving.


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