Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wonder Wall

One of the first stops on my Spring Break trip to NYC was the Houston Bowery Mural on the corner of Bowery and Houston in Lower Manhattan. Since the summer of 2008, the wall has become famous for its circulation of temporary murals that gives a rebirth of beauty and energy to the community. This particular mural was created by muralist Maya Hayuk, who is known for her use of elaborate geometric patterns and bold colors. 

In all of its magnitude, the mural consumes your attention. 
While standing there taking these photographs, it was fascinating watching people's reactions to it. One quick glance and busy New Yorkers would stop in their tracks to take a quick snapshot, pause to examine the mural's intricacies, or carry on with a freshly plastered smile. While the reactions varied, everyone who walked by the mural was somehow affected by it– and that is the magic of art I know and love.

I'm also excited to announce my fellow fashionista, native New Yorker, and best friend finally started her own blog, Montana-Not The State! Be sure to follow her stylish musings on life and follow more of our adventures in NYC for Spring Break.

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