Saturday, March 1, 2014

Harvard Business School Retail & Luxury Goods Conference Part II

Not only did I hear from speakers like William McComb and Julie Bornstein during
my Part I recap of the HBSRLGConference, but I also got to have lunch with Melissa Halverson, 
Executive Director of Marketing at Vogue, and other marketing and pr students. It was fun reminiscing on our favorite copies of Vogue, how we felt digital media would impact magazine journalism, and simply why Vogue is so fabulous! 

The last two days were finally wrapped up with the final keynote speaker, Donna Karan.
An icon in the fashion industry, it was simply surreal to hear Karan discuss her life story and passion for fashion and philanthropy. Through Donna Karan, DKNY, and Urban Zen, Karan has made it her mission to "dress and address" the world. Throughout her life, Karan has been inspired by the people around her and the cultures around the globe, making it her mission to link body, mind, and soul. I had always respected Karan for her contribution to fashion, but I have gained an entirely new level of admiration for her commitment to philanthropy. 
Her foundation, Urban Zen, is worth learning more about.

Her advice for the "three BU girls"?
Follow your heart over your mind.

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