Wednesday, February 19, 2014

UNICEF Tap Project

While I won't admit to known a lot about non-profits and charities,
I have always admired the work of UNICEF. I can even remember the
days when I would do Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, candy bag and little
orange box in tow, trying to bribe my neighbors into giving me 
candy and spare change!



From now until February 28, the UNICEF Tap Project will provide a child in need
1 day of clean water for 1 minute without touching your phone. For every minute you
put your phone aside, sponsors will donate money for people in over 100 countries.
The campaign is easy, free, and the best part- it will make you feel good doing it. 

To get involved visit on your mobile phone. The more minutes you
rack up by not touching your phone will astound you. Just $1 can provide 40 days of
clean water while $5 can provide a child with 200 days worth of clean water. 

This campaign can change the life of someone else in the world
and it also reminds those of us who are more fortunate to be grateful
(and to unplug from social media more often).

To read more about the campaign, click on this link

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