Saturday, February 22, 2014

Macaron Believers

 Like practically every fashionista on Instagram,
I just adore macarons not just for their crunchy, sweet taste
but their photographable good looks and assorted colors! 
I've been on the hunt in Boston since last fall for these little guys 
and haven't had much success. When I finally learned that my roommate had
never eaten one let alone heard of them before, I quickly decided an
intervention was mandatory. 

In case you're just as confused as my roommate, I found 
this hilarious little chart on Pinterest!

After a little research, I found this adorable bakery, Patisserie, right on 
Newbury Street that sold them. How I ever walked past this place on my multiple 
trips to Newbury still puzzles me, but better late than never!

I finally got my macaron fix and my roommate is now a
macaron believer.

win, win.


  1. Finally someone who understands how I feel when people use the word macaroons when they mean macarons. I also love these treats for their photograph-ability and how heavenly they taste.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  2. I've always been a macaron believer
    Hey, ! I have an awesome Illamasqua giveaway running on my might be interested

  3. The chocolate ones (or whatever brow is) are so delicious!


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