Sunday, January 5, 2014

Downton Abbey & Reign

You've heard me say it before, but I truly am a HUGE Anglophile aka British history nerd. 
It started when I was ten and got hooked on reading the Royal Diaries Series. I read almost
every single book in the collection (and still have the series in the back of my closet), but for some reason I developed a special affinity for Elizabeth I which quickly grew into a love for the Tudors and eventually almost all British history. I mean, what other eleven year old reads the Other Boleyn Girl?
This semester I will be taking a European History class I am very excited about and am already looking ahead at the British Literature classes I can take next year!

Anyways, today is finally the start of the fourth season of Downton Abbey!
After the death of Sybil and Matthew last year, I'm particularly interested to see where the show
is headed. In the season four trailer, we get a glimpse of how life has drastically changed at Downton. 
Mary struggles with being a widow and only parent to her son, Mrs. O'Brien has left Downton, Edith
seems to still be attached to her married editor, and there are a few new faces floating about!
The costumes, the romance, and the upstairs-downstairs power struggles make Downton such a  unique show and Maggie Smith's one liners are always razor sharp, witty pearls of sarcasm.
Christmas, New Years, and Downton?
It really is the most wonderful time of the year! ;-) 

Another show that has become one of my guilty pleasures lately is the CW British drama, 
Reign. The show is like a Gossip Girl version of Mary, Queen of Scots, (Elizabeth I's first cousin-who she later beheads her. Talk about drama!). Usually I find modern portrayals of such historic and iconic characters to be disappointing, but Reign manages to balance old facts with modern fiction to create an interesting and dare I say fun show although it is wildly inaccurate from a scholarly point of view!

I know I will be glued to the tv tonight!

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