Sunday, January 12, 2014

Building Your Personal Style on a Budget

After I posted this picture on my Instagram yesterday, I was SO excited to buy my first pair
of Kate Spade heels. Thanks again for all of your input, most all of you voted for the dots, but in the end I ended up getting both....

Now, I love Kate Spade, but $200+ for a pair of high heels is not in my college budget, especially since there has only been a handful of events in college where heels were sorta/kinda (but not really) a necessity. Luckily, with combined Christmas money and some of my wages from working over Christmas break, I was able to splurge and treat myself to BOTH pairs of heels. It definitely broke my somewhat imaginary $hoefund, but the total cost was actually less than the cost of a single pair. The polka dots are such a playful piece and the other has a chunky heel that's perfect for a more professional event, yet a bit stylish with a flowery detail. 

Typically, I'm pretty picky about what I purchase. Unfortunately, we can not all have Paris Hilton's shopping budget. (I mean, did you see her closet in the Bling Ring?!!) My closet is definitely full of some great quality brands, but a lot of them can be expensive. When I buy a lot of the my clothes, I think of them as an investment. These shoes are a perfect example. 
Can I see myself wearing them now and five years from now?
Are they versatile?
And most importantly, 
Are they only a one season trend?
(No way, these shoes are timeless!)

College discounts are a great, but when building a wardrobe, it's really about being smart and savvy. Honestly, I would say that 98% of my closet is full of clothes I purchased on sale. Often times, most of my favorite brands constantly discount items if you wait long enough for new trends to take over, new seasons to start, or holidays sales to kick in. Sites like Ruelala and outlet stores are also great ways to find discounted treasures. Sure, both pairs of these heels I found at Saks Fifth Avenue's outlet are so last season, but does that mean they are any less cuter? 

I love fashion and getting to share my style here on my blog, but if anything
I hope to inspire others that you don't need to pay big prices to build your own personal style
and fabulous wardrobe.


  1. Thanks for writing this post! I've been trying to build a wardrobe that I know I will still love in the years to come. I'll definitely try out some of the tips you gave.

    Also, I love both pairs of shoes! They are adorable!

    1. Thank you for reading! Let me know how these tips go!
      xo Tia

  2. These are definitely guidelines I use for building my closet! I still have pieces in there from high school that are still in great condition and still stylish because they are timeless pieces!

    Kate Spade is simply amazing.

    1. It's so great to hear I'm not alone in my style guidelines!
      Thanks for stopping by to read!
      xo Tia


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