Friday, January 24, 2014

Advice for a College Tyro: Early Bird Routinue

This semester, my schedule ended up having a lot of 8 ams (read: I bit the the bullet and went for the teachers and classes I truly wanted). I wouldn’t necessarily ever consider myself a morning person, but apparently most of my friends think getting up before 10 am any day is “early”. 

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Last semester, I got into the routine of getting up before my roommate, even though she had the 8 am and I had the 10 am classes. Going to bed earlier is still a work in progress, but I’ve found the old adage “early bird gets the worm” is actually pretty accurate. Even before my 8 ams this semester, I realized getting up early really helps my overall productivity. Even if I don’t necessarily do extra homework in the morning, I have time for the gym, emails, blogging, reading, and tidying up my dorm. As a plus, getting things done early in the morning helps get my blood flow going and my brain working. Despite the time, my brain just isn’t sharp if I hop out of bed and head to class with two minutes to spare. 

While I’m learning to put down the books sooner at night and not feel guilty about it, I think more people should try to rise earlier. I’m fortunate that most of classes end by noon which allows for some afternoon naps, but I also feel that rising with the sun also helps inspire me to get moving!

My biggest advice for any college tyro is to find a routine that works for your overall productivity.
Your time is always precious, but even more so in college. Getting up early is definitely a challenge, but I've also found it's also highly rewarding. On afternoons when I have some "free time", I can now hang out in a cafe mid-afternoon, take a walk in the city, or simply take the time to catch up on Reign (working on the spontaneity thing). Perhaps you'll find getting up early just isn't for you; regardless, I've found that sticking with a consistent routine is the best way to be productive. 


  1. Last semester, I was in the routine of getting up earlier. But, it all went down the drain after my winter break, when I slept in until 10am everyday. Now, it's hard for me to get back into the routine!

    1. It was hard this semester for me too after break, but those 8ams plus my roommates 6:30 am wake up calls for practice have made me get back into it! You'll get there too! ;-)

  2. I have always been a night owl, but ever since having my daughter I've had to embrace the mornings--- and I am glad I have! There really is something about getting things done early!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

    1. Agreed. I feel so productive and accomplished when it's not even noon and I have checked off half of my to-do list!


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