Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finals Week Recap

The last week of my first semester of college couldn't
have been any more perfect. Between study sessions, I made sure to sneak in some fun. 
Trips to see different parts of the city?
Snow ball fights during a weekend snow storm?
Deliriously singing Christmas songs at 2 am after studying for 5 hours.
Of course!

The best card game there ever was...

Santa came to my door!

It wouldn't be complete without some holiday sweets!

The final struggle...

Adorable window display at Tiffanys.

Christmas in Kate Spade.

The end of the snow...until next year!

This week will be full of so many special memories, but I can't wait to get home 
enjoy the holidays with the ones I love the most!
Cheers to a great semester, Christmas, catching up on sleep, and a happy new year!

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