Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Typically, I’m not one of those people that celebrates their half birthdays. I honestly didn’t even realize what day mine was… until last week. It’s completely exciting and frightening to think I will be “in my twenties” in six short months. There is always so much emphasis, advice, and gossip swirling around about what happens in your twenties. Suddenly you're an adult and you're supposed to start living those big childhood dreams. You're told your twenties are the best years of your life and the hardest years of your life. Some emphasize how free and promising your life is and others scare you with how stressful and confusing your life becomes. 
What does all that really even mean though?

I have no idea what my twenties will be like,
but through all of the supposed good and bad, I'm most excited for the all of the
growth, opportunities, and adventures I will experience- just like my teens. 
Never have I been more excited by the future. 

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